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Feel Free To Be Real

This was really fun.

Korean barbecue rice bowl after work. 😋
Be jealous. It’s redicolous how much food cones in this container. (at The Dumbo Loft)

I was really happy , but you can’t really tell by the picture. @imjennim said she loved my outfit. 😄 Really glad I got to meet one of my role models. She’s awesome! (and beautiful 😍). (at Seven for All Mankind - Soho)

#spagooter #vintage

I’m Angeneris I swear #hashtag


Yesterday in the lab.
I like this blurry one the most.

I love cooking this cause I’m lazy. This is the second time this week lol

When in dumbo…

Random blue picture of snowy trees from today.

13 hours.
I’m such a sucker for marathons.
What’s wrong with me.

Tea and cartoons. (I might have a slight obsession)
Tom and Jerry ♡

Future cat lady.
Lol jk but yarn is so fun :D

phot creds @marrrx3