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Feel Free To Be Real

Saw this on my way to dinner yesterday.
“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go” T.S. Eliot

This was really fun.

Korean barbecue rice bowl after work. 😋
Be jealous. It’s redicolous how much food cones in this container. (at The Dumbo Loft)

I was really happy , but you can’t really tell by the picture. @imjennim said she loved my outfit. 😄 Really glad I got to meet one of my role models. She’s awesome! (and beautiful 😍). (at Seven for All Mankind - Soho)

#spagooter #vintage

I’m Angeneris I swear #hashtag


Yesterday in the lab.
I like this blurry one the most.

I love cooking this cause I’m lazy. This is the second time this week lol

When in dumbo…

Random blue picture of snowy trees from today.

13 hours.
I’m such a sucker for marathons.
What’s wrong with me.

Tea and cartoons. (I might have a slight obsession)
Tom and Jerry ♡